Specialists in Personal Injury

We offer state of the art comprehensive services for patients who have been injured in work

Personal Injury

We are South Jersey’s Orthopedic Personal Injury Specialists

Treating patients injured in accidents involving liability issues requires more than just expert Orthopedic care.

While our physicians are always focused on your medical and orthopedic treatment, we understand that you also have concerns regarding compensation for your injuries. We have staff specially trained in Motor Vehicle Insurance issues, including the pre-certification process. This helps you get the treatment you need as soon as possible. Our computerized electronic health record system (EHR) allows us to send notes to your insurer within 24 hours, often AS YOU LEAVE THE OFFICE!

Our staff also maintains close working relationships with most local attorney’s offices, allowing us to provide your attorney with the records they need to manage your case.

Our physicians have extensive experience preparing the medico-legal reports your attorneys will need to litigate your case, and also frequently testify as Expert Witnesses in Orthopedic cases.

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